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Frequently Asked Questions about Haccpper

What is Haccpper water? And how is it produced?
"Haccpper" water is a sterilized water that is a registered trademark of Techno Max Co.
Haccpper water is produced by dilute mixing sodium hypochlorite and dilute hydrochloric acid with water by Haccpper equipment.
What are the features of Haccpper water and Haccpper equipment?
1. about 6 times more effective in sterilizing bacteria than sodium hypochlorite
2. Produces only trace amounts of trihalomethane, which is carcinogenic and harmful.
3. pH can be set to a value effective for sterilization.
4. Haccpper water concentration can be set to a value effective for sterilization.
5. does not cause skin irritation or roughness of hands, and is safe.
6. environmentally friendly and pollution-free. No residuals even when drained.
Are there any installation requirements for the Haccpper device?
A water supply pressure of 0.25 to 0.7 Mpa (2.5 to 7 kg/cm2) is required.
Does Haccpper water have a deodorizing effect?
Effective in eliminating odors from ventilation openings, drains, kitchen garbage, etc. Effective against ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and amine odors.
Why hasn't sanitizing water like Haccpper water been produced before?
This is because mixing sodium hypochlorite with acidic chemicals poses the risk of generating harmful chlorine gas, and because it was technically difficult to maintain the pH in the neutral range (pH of Haccpper water).
Is the use of Haccpper water for sanitizing food approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare?
Haccpper water produced by the Haccpper device is a diluted mixture of two food additive chemicals (sodium hypochlorite and dilute hydrochloric acid), and the Ministry of Health and Welfare has stated that it may be used in the same manner as sodium hypochlorite for food sterilization. Therefore, there is no problem in using Haccpper water for food sterilization.